Choosing The Best Fishing Reel

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Whether it is fishing for fun or leisure, we all want a good experience. One of the things that can make one have a good experience is having the right tools and that includes a fishing reel. Most of the time people thing having a great line is all that is required but nothing beats a good fishing reel. With the many fishing reels in the market however, it may be overwhelming to choose the right reel. The first step would know what types of fishing reels are in the market in order to find one that best meets your needs. The types of fishing reels in the market include:

Choosing The Best Fishing Reel
Choosing The Best Fishing Reel

Spin cast reels

They are the simplest to use and that is why they are deemed as introductory reels. They are mostly preferred by newbies and kids since they are also lightweight. To use them you only need to press a button and flicker your wrist. They can however only be used by light lines.

Spinning reels

They are the most common type of reels. They come in a wide variety and thus every angler can easily find what is best suitable for them. As compared to the spincast, they are more solid and they give anglers more control. They can be used in different types of fishing especially if you are looking for a medium sized fish.

Baitcasting reels

They are the most advanced in the crew and they are mostly used by experienced anglers. They are Also heavy hence are used for catching big fish and mostly deep sea fishing. They however offer more strength and durability as compared to other kinds of reels. When it comes to accuracy, they are very accurate. Their only downside is that they cannot do a wide range.

Once you know the types of fishing reels available in the market, you can easily choose one that best meets your needs. When it comes to the spinning reel which is the most preferred, the best spinning reel for the money is:

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

If you are looking for value for money, then this is the right reel for you. It has a quality finish that will make you fall in love with it. Its spool is anodized with aluminum which makes it corrosion free. It is also very lightweight and that has been made possible by the hole it has in its handle. The lip of the spool also has a titanium coat which makes it very durable. It has a body made of graphite. If you want to get a good taste of the reel, maybe you can check on its reviews as they will make you head to the store right away.

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

This is also one of the best reels you will find in the market. It comes with 5 ball bearing all made of aluminum. It gives you a lot of convenience thanks to its anti-reverse bearing that it has. It also has a superline spool, line capacity rings and aluminum bail wire that are heavy duty among many other great features.