Creating A Photo Booth for Parties at Home

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What kind of parties doesn’t have a photobooth nowadays? Are parties without photobooths even a thing? Having a unique photo booth and photography area at your parties is everything but how are you going to get the best, most unique and cutest photo booth for your party? The trick is to make your own photobooth.

You don’t have to go extra means and waste a lot of money, rather the cost of a handmade photobooth will be lesser than the one that you get designed or buy readymade. Most of the items required for a photo booth will be available at your home and you have to buy hardly anything from the market.

Creating A Photo Booth for Parties at Home
Creating A Photo Booth for Parties at Home

Some of the ways you can make your photo booth unique and special are:

Magnifying mirror

This is a very old and tested trick in photobooths but is not practiced nowadays. Putting a magnifying mirror next to the camera helps the guests see how their pose looks and how will it look in the final picture. Magnifying mirrors are easily available on the market, they are not expensive either so investing in one will not only help you make your photo booth unique and your pictures perfect, but it also help you with your makeup later on.

Magnifying mirrors have a number of types and designs but usually circle shaped are used. These mirrors also come with pre-installed LEDs or fluorescent bulbs. These not only help in seeing the image better but also helps in getting better lighting for the picture. The magnification of the mirror plays a very important role. Since the photobooth is an on a comparatively large area, the magnification of the mirror should be the maximum which is usually 10x.

Another thing that is quite important in a magnification mirror is its radius. You can find magnification mirrors from small to large size, for a photo booth, large sized magnification mirror works best. Moreover, investing in a magnifying mirror that is battery powered is more convenient as compared to electric powered as the cord causes problems usually. For choosing the correct magnification for mirror for your needs, you should put extra effort in looking for the correct features.


A backdrop can make or break the look of your photo booth, if you have a broken wall or a weird colored cloth as your backdrop, all your hard work will go down the gutter. Not making artistic props and hangings but having a proper backdrop will give your photobooth a unique look. Now, how to get the perfect backdrop? Having a pop of glitter on your backdrop always proves as the best decision.

It is not necessary that you go out and buy a backdrop, combining old scarves or tablecloths with glitter and a few hangings will give you the best innovative and classic backdrop of all time. Always remember, draping the cloth and giving it a good fall hides the flaws and makes the overall ambiance a hundred times better.


A photo booth is not complete without chic, savage and humorous props. Using chart papers to make props of your own would give your photobooth a completely different and new look. You can also buy props from the market as they are not very expensive. You can get the best and funniest props on Amazon, every kind from cardboard props to inflatable balloon props.


Giving as much light as you can to the photo booth will not only make the audience look good but also improve the quality of the pictures. Rather than making the flash work and finding the correct position of the camera, working on the lighting would prove much more beneficial. You can either rent studio lights of DIY your own studio lights but trust me, you won’t regret providing a good lighting effect to the photo booth.