Firm Up For Your Photoshoot with Any of These Fitness Challenges

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Everyone wants to look great on photographs, even more so if it is your big wedding day, couples shoot, maternity shoot or during those first shots with your newborn baby.  Photographs are brilliant for capturing your youthful self and for preserving memories.  Looking great on photographs isn’t quite as easy though.  While your photographer is likely great at editing out most flaws it is still best to pose in a healthy, frim and flab-free body.  Less editing results in much more natural looking photographs and with a great looking body you can truly rock in those cute summer dresses.

Here are the best fitness challenges to consider for firming up your body.

Firm Up For Your Photoshoot with Any of These Fitness Challenges
Firm Up For Your Photoshoot with Any of These Fitness Challenges

The Couch to 5k Treadmill Program

This program is fantastic for shaking some pounds and for slimming and firming up your legs.  It is also a great program to improve your cardiovascular health and to get you in shape.  The program does exactly what the name states.  It takes you from your usual couch time to a 5k running session in just 6 weeks.  All you need for this superb program is the weekly schedule, a treadmill and your bottle of water and you are all set to go.  Find out more here.

30-Day Plank Challenge

The plank challenge is perfect for firming up your tummy, trimming some love handles, lifting that butt and for shaping your back just a little bit.  This challenge is a no-brainer since it only involves doing some plank but if you ever gave the plank a try then you will know that this is no simple challenge.  You start out at 20sec intervals and increase as you go on with rest times in between.  By day 30 you should be able to master 5 minutes of planking.

30-Day Squat Challenge

If you want that perfect sexy bubble but to compliment your thin waist then you should give the 30-day squat challenge a try.  The program gets you started on 10 squats a day and increases with five squats per day with a rest day every 4th day during which your muscles can heal.  It may sound simple but it is quite hardcore.

30 Day No Sugar Challenge

This challenge is great for reducing cellulite and can help you lose quite a lot of weight. Sugar isn’t healthy for your body at all but this is a very hard habit to break since it is quite addictive.  The first nine days will be insane because this is the time it takes to reset your mind. Sugar cravings might just drive you insane while you are avoiding sugar for a whole month but the good news is that you can still munch on sweet fruits.  Just avoid all sugars in foods, sweets, sweetened drinks and you are all set.

Waist Trainer Challenge

Did you know that you could lose some belly fat by simply wearing a corset?  Waist trainers are great for those who want to get rid of love handles or work on that hourglass shape.  Simply buy a waist trainer and follow a 30-day waist belt challenge which involves gradually increasing the time you spend wearing this belt.  For greater effect, you can also try working out with your waist trainer.  These belts will protect your back and does suppress hunger cravings.