How Selfies Are Changing Fitness

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You’ve see it, you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably even been a part of it. Gym selfies (did you know the word “selfie” was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013?) are as common as yoga pants and overpriced coffee these days. Recent evidence indicates, however, that the impact of the gym selfie goes far beyond the realm of social media. Gym selfies, often tagged with some inane phrase like “Go hard,” are affecting our motivation, our self-esteem, and our happiness. Here’s how.

Selfies and the Weight Concerns of Others

It probably comes as no surprise that the more a person views selfies taken at the gym, the more that person will think about his or her own weight. What may be less intuitive, however, is the impact of thinking about our own weight. For some people, the thought is motivational. For other people, most people in fact, thinking about their weight actually decreases their chances of going to the gym. Interestingly, the more similar the person in the selfie is to us, in terms of appearance and body type, the more likely we are to be concerned about our own appearance but the less likely we are to exercise. In other words, if the person in the selfies reminds us of ourselves too much, it may kill our motivation to get into shape.

Selfies and Personal Motivation

Whatever the impact of selfies may be on others who view them, the science is clear that they improve the motivation of the person taking them. Assuming you don’t spend all of your time taking selfies and none of it actually working out, taking selfies can boost both the intensity of your workout and the likelihood that you’ll workout again in the future.

The key to getting motivated by selfies lies with how you take them and who you share them with. If you take just a few and then share those photos with close friends, selfies can boost self-esteem and garner some much needed encouragement from those who care about you.

Selfies Can Upset Other Gym Members

If taking selfies is preventing others from using the gym as it is intended, it can be a real problem. Men, in general, are more likely to be annoyed by others taking selfies rather than working out. Oddly, they are more annoyed when men take selfies than when women do it. Still, they aren’t fond of the practice as a general rule.

If you are going to snap shots of yourself at the gym, make sure that doing so isn’t interfering with anyone else’s workout. To help minimize your impact on others, take a few really good selfies, don’t indulge when the gym is busy, and avoid capturing other people in the photos.

Anti-Aging Peptides May Negate the Need for Selfie Filters

These days, filters and photo-editing programs can make short work of less-than-perfect selfies. In the future, such technological cheats may not be necessary. Scientists are currently working on developing anti-aging peptides, like epitalon, that can slow aging at the molecular level. Such anti-aging peptides will not only make us look younger, they’ll literally improve our body chemistry and help us to live longer. Let’s see your Instagram filter do that. You can learn more about some of the Anti-aging peptide currently being research here;

Many of these peptides have not yet been FDA approved for human use yet. They are still being researched and evaluated for future anti-aging possibilities.

To Selfie or Not to Selfie

There are no real rules for selfies, obviously, but there are such things as etiquette and good manners. If you want to indulge in a few gym selfies to improve your motivation and document your workout progress, that’s reasonable. Just keep in mind that selfies can negatively impact others who view them and can hinder other people at the gym. Be courteous and yield to the needs of other gym members and you’ll make friends you can share your selfies with.