How You Can Sell Your Photos Online?

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You are quite late on the bandwagon if you haven’t started your business online. As a photographer, you might have just focused on your appointments and photo editing. Did this idea strike your mind that you should sell your photos online? Maybe you don’t have an idea how does it work. Working for a client sounds fine and how can one sell his photos? Well, we are here to tell you about that. You would find a guide below about selling photos online. Read on to know.

How You Can Sell Your Photos Online?
How You Can Sell Your Photos Online?

First: Find your niche:

There is the consistent style of every photographer. Some go for traveling, cityscape, nature, and others go for fashion, food, automobiles, or any category they like. You just need to figure out your niche. Once you have done that, stick to that as consistency is the key.

When talking about how things are run online, people only follow those who have something that interests them. Bring about the ideas of the pictures that resonate the audience the most. Viewers should feel the picture. Another thing that is very powerful as well as popular is keywords. When someone searches the pictures, your name should be on the top and keywords do that for you.

Second: Assimilate e-commerce into your portfolio:

Every photographer has a portfolio of his work that he shows to the clients as samples. You might have a website too where you showcase your portfolio. Try to add e-commerce to it such as adding the ability to accept payments. You can sell your experiences in form of courses. This is one of the best ways to monetize your skills online. You can open your own store on Shopify. It also allows to you download relevant app and customize it according to your strategies.

Other places you can sell your photos at are:

  • Adobe Stock
  • Getty Image
  • istock
  • Deposit photos and many more.

Third: Sell photos as photo books:

You can also create a photo book with your pictures and sell it online. Photobooks are often seen on coffee tables or a store or clinic where customers have to wait sometimes. Pick a compelling theme and create an amazingly beautiful book that people would enjoy to look into. Blurb, York Photo, or Shutterfly are some services that you can use to create and print your photobook.

Four: Go for the right sales funnels:

There are a plethora of options out there that can help you optimize your online sales. But, you have to choose the right one for you. Many folks seem to be after ClickFunnels but this is a kind of trap that gets you to pay 40% more than you should pay. 40% of what you pay goes in affiliate commission. You are literally throwing around $3236 away. This is not a small amount. If we talk about any free click funnel or leadpages alternative here, honestly speaking, we don’t have any. However, you can DIY the most cost-effective Leadpages competitor and Clickfunnels competitor with the help of WordPress.

The question that arises is how much does this DIY cost? You would have to spend $300-$500 a year to operate WordPress funnel. On the other hand, click funnels would eat up your $4000 per year. You can see the difference. Now you know why Click Funnel is a trap. You would find videos on DIY sales funnel on that can reduce your cost up to 90%. These videos are broken down into small parts which are a step-to-step guide. These videos have made it really easy to operate these WordPress sale funnels.