Looking at Your Best for That Photo Shoot

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When it comes to taking a photo-shoot, it is the small things that make a big difference. Once you take care of them then you are set for the best photos. As much as it’s the skill of the photographer that matters most of the time, you have a big role to play to make sure that you get perfect photos. Those who are defined as being photogenic have mastered the small things and that is why they are perfect in photos. Some of the things that you can keep in mind to look at your best in photos include:

Looking at Your Best for That Photo Shoot
Looking at Your Best for That Photo Shoot


Many people fail to realize that a healthy skin can be reflected in a photo. It is therefore important that you take good care of your skin prior. Exfoliate that skin to avoid it looking dull.  Don’t prick or pick out pimples as when skins gets lifted up it gets tricky to cover up, it is much easier to cover up a pimple or a skin discoloration. Wax or shave your skin. If it is waxing, you should do it days prior so that you may get enough time to heal. Shaving can be done even just before the shoot. Alternative you can do laser to permanently get rid of unwanted hair but in that case you will have to look for the best IPL laser.  If you are looking for a faux glow, you can do a spray tan but for the best results you should do it a few days before your shoot.


The kind of clothes you have on your shoot will have a big influence on how you will turn out. Bright colors will make you look bigger while dark clothes have a slimming effect. The kind of clothes will also affect the white balance effect. Anyway for a shoot you should not only do one outfit but several if possible 5-6 outfits to create different effects though that will depend on an individual and what you are trying to achieve. You should look for clothes that flatter you and bring out the confidence in you so as to get the best pictures. Somehow if you feel good about yourself it is normally reflected in photos. It is good to avoid prints as it will draw the attention away from you. The more plain an outfit can be the better.


A pose is very important as it will create different effects on a photo. It is good to try different poses depending on your theme to find poses that flatter you and bring out the best in you. In doing poses you can hide your flaws in a perfect way. You should aim to create triangles or like a v shape. The good thing is that there are no strict rules and you can even play around with creativity to achieve different effects hence different results.

There are many other things to keep in mind. Generally a good night sleep is important before the shoot as it will make sure you look fresh even in your photos.