Ideas for Displaying Photographs On Your Wedding Day

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Displaying photographs at your wedding is a fun method to display your relationship up to this point. Photographs can likewise be utilized to honor the weddings of your ancestors and show how the couple has grown up. To show photographs at your wedding, make sense of which photographs to use, choose on the off chance that you need to put photographs in frames or to hang them, and locate an innovative method to feature the photographs.

Put in some childhood pictures. Rather than displaying just photographs from your relationship, show photographs of you and your partner from your entire lives. Be sure to include baby pictures, and pictures from primary school, high school, and college. You may set up funny and embarrassing photographs of each other. These photographs can represent both of your lives up until the point when you met, and after that you can have a different space where you feature photographs from the time you met each other.

Include family photographs. Rather than showing only photographs of you and your partners, consider including family wedding photographs. This may incorporate wedding photographs of parents, guardians, grandparents, close relatives and uncles, or cousins. You may discover antique wedding photographs of relatives from long ago. You can display them in vintage frames, particularly in the event that you can get them from relatives. This will make for an even cozier setting if you’re having a small, intimate wedding with your closed ones in your backyard. When having a wedding or any other special event in your backyard, ensure that all pathways, pipes and gutters are in order as you don’t want any bad odors to ruin the event. If you do have a dirty gutter, get it cleaned before you plan on holding any events. If you’re wondering how much it’s going to cost you, take a look at this link:

Use your Instagram photographs. In the event that you are the sort of individual who posts a lot of photographs on Instagram or other social media websites, consider using those photographs for displaying purposes. Be sure to choose the most artistic shots you can find.

Set up a photo booth. A wedding isn’t supposed to be a display of old pictures; in fact, it serves as an opportunity to take some new ones. Set up a photo booth by contacting your local photo booth rental company and allow all guests to go inside the photo booth to take pictures which would then serve as memories of your wedding in the future for all guests.

Make a tribute photograph show. To honor relatives who have passed away and are not present with you on your big day, consider making a commemoration show. Show photographs in memory of those valued family members. You can leave subtitles on every photograph, or place a sign on the table that says “Wish You Were Here.”

At the end of the day photographs serve as great reminders of beautiful moments so ensure you take plenty on your wedding way!… Read the rest

Benefits of Music Lessons

Learning how to play music instruments for children is important since it helps them fine tune their ears among other things. Music comes with numerous benefits, and those are what we are going to look at in this article.

It improves academic skills

Music and math go hand in hand, since when kids learn how to understand beats, rhythms, and scales, they are also learning how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns. The children’s minds are wired in such a way that they understand math better, according to the founder of Music Rhapsody in Redondo Beach, CA, Lynn Kleiner.

It develops physical skills

There are instruments that help in the development of coordination and motor skills in children. This is because they require the movement and actions of certain body parts such as hands and feet, mostly percussion instruments. These are perfect for kids with a lot of energy. They help in the development of ambidexterity, and also encourage them to be comfortable in uncomfortable positions. They enhance coordination and perfect timing.

It cultivates social skills

Playing music in groups helps to improve the social skills of children. When playing in large ensembles, they get to understand and know their roles in the group. The students all work towards a common goal, meaning there is more interaction and problem solving.

It refines discipline and patience

Children get to learn about delayed gratification by learning instruments such as violins, which have steep learning curves. It teaches the children perseverance and focused attention. It teaches them to keep time and be attentive.

It boosts self-esteem

Learning music in groups offers a great opportunity for children to learn how to give and accept constructive criticism. Using negative feedback positively boosts their self-esteem. It shows them that everyone has a chance for improvement, not only in music, but in other things that they do.

It introduces children to other cultures

Children are introduced to other cultures when they learn how to play varieties of instruments that originate in different parts of the world. They also experience this in the different genres of music that they get to play.

Easiest Instrument for Kids to Learn

Different music instruments come with different difficulty levels. Some, like the violin mentioned above, have steep learning curves and generally take longer to master. On the other hand, there are those that are easy to learn. Those are the ones that we are now going to look at in this kids instruments essentials.


The ukulele is an affordable stringed instrument that comes with the perfect size for children’s hands. It has easy to learn chords that go well with children’s songs. It is available in a variety of fun colors.


The piano presents a good way for kids to learn the theories and structures of music. This includes reading the notes, learning the musical terminologies, different chords and notes, and many other things. Parents can start them off on keyboards as they save for pianos.


Bongos are instruments that can be played by a kids of any age, since they would naturally start banging on them immediately. They are a good starting point for drums, helping kids determine rhythm.


The xylophone is one of the best ways to introduce kids to music instruments while developing fine motor skills. It is a good way of showing kids how to count and follow beats.


Music lessons are very important for children, whether it is learning the music, or how to play instruments. They can start off with the easy to learn instruments we have mentioned above, before proceeding to more complex ones.… Read the rest

How Selfies Are Changing Fitness

You’ve see it, you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably even been a part of it. Gym selfies (did you know the word “selfie” was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013?) are as common as yoga pants and overpriced coffee these days. Recent evidence indicates, however, that the impact of the gym selfie goes far beyond the realm of social media. Gym selfies, often tagged with some inane phrase like “Go hard,” are affecting our motivation, our self-esteem, and our happiness. Here’s how.

Selfies and the Weight Concerns of Others

It probably comes as no surprise that the more a person views selfies taken at the gym, the more that person will think about his or her own weight. What may be less intuitive, however, is the impact of thinking about our own weight. For some people, the thought is motivational. For other people, most people in fact, thinking about their weight actually decreases their chances of going to the gym. Interestingly, the more similar the person in the selfie is to us, in terms of appearance and body type, the more likely we are to be concerned about our own appearance but the less likely we are to exercise. In other words, if the person in the selfies reminds us of ourselves too much, it may kill our motivation to get into shape.

Selfies and Personal Motivation

Whatever the impact of selfies may be on others who view them, the science is clear that they improve the motivation of the person taking them. Assuming you don’t spend all of your time taking selfies and none of it actually working out, taking selfies can boost both the intensity of your workout and the likelihood that you’ll workout again in the future.

The key to getting motivated by selfies lies with how you take them and who you share them with. If you take just a few and then share those photos with close friends, selfies can boost self-esteem and garner some much needed encouragement from those who care about you.

Selfies Can Upset Other Gym Members

If taking selfies is preventing others from using the gym as it is intended, it can be a real problem. Men, in general, are more likely to be annoyed by others taking selfies rather than working out. Oddly, they are more annoyed when men take selfies than when women do it. Still, they aren’t fond of the practice as a general rule.

If you are going to snap shots of yourself at the gym, make sure that doing so isn’t interfering with anyone else’s workout. To help minimize your impact on others, take a few really good selfies, don’t indulge when the gym is busy, and avoid capturing other people in the photos.

Anti-Aging Peptides May Negate the Need for Selfie Filters

These days, filters and photo-editing programs can make short work of less-than-perfect selfies. In the future, such technological cheats may not be necessary. Scientists are currently working on developing anti-aging peptides, like epitalon, that can slow aging at the molecular level. Such anti-aging peptides will not only make us look younger, they’ll literally improve our body chemistry and help us to live longer. Let’s see your Instagram filter do that. You can learn more about some of the Anti-aging peptide currently being research here;

Many of these peptides have not yet been FDA approved for human use yet. They are still being researched and evaluated for future anti-aging possibilities.

To Selfie or Not to Selfie

There are no real rules for selfies, obviously, but there are such things as etiquette and good manners. If you want to indulge in a few gym selfies to improve your motivation and document your workout progress, that’s reasonable. Just keep in mind that selfies can negatively impact others who view them and can hinder other people at the gym. Be courteous and yield to the needs of other gym members and you’ll make friends you can share your selfies with.… Read the rest

Bookkeeping Tips for Photographers!

When your photography business becomes a big hit, managing it becomes even more challenging. As your cash flow increases, it becomes critical to scrape along. Keeping your finances managed is as important as making your client prettier in the picture. Without a proper bookkeeping system, you would find yourself staying up late and dealing with receivables and payables. You sure don’t want this.

We have come up with some tips for keeping your records in line. These tips would help you lessen your stress of accounting. Follow these and get back to creating some beautiful memories.

Use an online accounting service:

Keeping the record manually increases your workload. Use some cloud-based application. There are many expert professional bookkeepers who have all the experience and knowledge to look after your accounts. They also provide your necessary information you might need to keep any fuss at arm’s length. When you need such services, Amanda Mckenzie is here to help. She is based in Alexandria and expert in all accounts knowledge like general bookkeeping and ins and outs of taxes. She is one of the best MYOB, Quickbooks & Xero Bookkeepers Waterloo, Zetland, and Botany.

Irena’s Bookkeepers have been providing their services to many businesses and helping them save huge accounting fees. Bookkeepers at Irena’s are dedicated to their work and keep themselves up to date with ATO and compliance changes. They would meet all your requirements by working onsite or offsite. You would have a lot of your time saved by transferring your responsibility of bookkeeping to Amanda. You can use the saved time on making strategies on the growth of your business. Their contact number is available on their website. You can contact them for further queries and for appointments.

Schedule a time for bookkeeping:

You need to set a time when you can keep a check on your bookkeeping activities. Your finances have already been managed by the experts, you just have to give a few minutes to check the financial performance. Make it regular and don’t skip. It is your business and you have to catch up with the records.

Invoicing & Income:

When it comes to payments, make the procedure simple and standard. All those online bookkeeping services also offer easy invoicing features and payment tracking. Get advantage of the applications and make it easy to manage your income. When you are sending the invoice over, let it be the finished document that cannot be edited.

Track those expenses:

Keeping the track of expenses is as important as of income. Once you know every bit of the expenses being incurred, you can identify your business earning, also the tax-deductible opportunities. Managing and organizing expenses work same as the income i.e. with online accounting applications. You are luckily living in a world where you can find a solution to every problem. Just make your data digital and do a care-free business.

Know about business taxes in your area:

Taxes are really complicated to understand. However, it is significant to have correct tax information so you can record it accurately. There are basically three types of taxes in the US i.e. Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, and State Sales Tax. Federal and state income tax is levied on your income but the latter is required only in some stated.  In order to avoid the huge bills of taxes, make the payments quarterly. The collection of sales tax is compulsory in all states for product sold. This tax is added to the price a client pays for your services.… Read the rest

Tips for a Healthy Diet

Eating healthily is the key to a long and healthy life. Many of the early deaths nowadays are due to poor diets. It is important for people to eat balanced diets, and never to miss a meal. The missing of meals could impact metabolism negatively, and this leads to weight loss. In this article, we are going to take a look at some tips for a healthy diet.

Drink lots of water

Water is life and you should drink as much water, and other fluids, as possible. It washes toxins out of our systems and helps our alimentary canal, the distribution of blood and nutrients in the body, among other things.

Eat the recommended portions of fruit and vegetables every day

Fruits and veggies are a great source of nutrients and vitamins, which are very important for the body.

Never skip breakfast

Never skip meals, and most of all, breakfast, since it is the most important meal of the day. Go for foods that will release energy slowly.

Plan your meals for the week ahead

A big mistake that many people do is to shop when they are hungry, filling up their trolleys with things that they don’t need. It is important for people to plan their meals for the week ahead.

Keep a supply of healthy snacks to hand

Snacks should always be readily at hand, and it would be best if they contained fresh and dried fruit, wholesome cereal bars, rice cakes, low-fat fruit yogurts and whole meal.

Essential Oils for Canker Sores

A healthy diet isn’t the only thing that people should care about. They also need to watch their health in other ways, and one of those is by getting rid of cold sores and canker sores. In this part of the article, we are going to look at the essential oils that can get rid of canker sores.

Wild oregano oil

This oil has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal properties that can get rid of canker sores.

Clove oil

Clove oil makes canker sores numb, and can also be used for dental and oral pain.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus oil has plenty of benefits due to antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is excellent for the treatment of canker sores. It eases pain, kills infections, and prevents future infections. It works well with peppermint essential oil. Eucalyptus has the highest known cineole concentration in nature (between 80 and 90%) which gives it so many of its outstanding medicinal benefits.

Niaouli essential oil

Originally from Australia, Niaouli essential oil has a number of medicinal properties such as antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic properties, for relieving pain naturally.

Melrose essential oil

Melrose essential oil comprises of 4 different essential oils; tea tree, niaouli, rosemary, and clove essential oil, making it a powerful antibacterial combination that works great when it comes to treating skin conditions.


A healthy diet as well as taking good care of our health are all ways that can make us happier and give us longer lives. The natural oils mentioned above are some of the best ways to treat canker sores, among other things.… Read the rest

Use Your Bathroom as a Photo Booth with These Tips

A while back milk bath shoots and spa shoots rocked the internet and these charming images became a sensation on platforms like Pinterest.  These types of shoots sure do look incredible.  You can practically smell the sweet aroma of those luxurious milky baths with their bright accents of beautiful floating flowers.  Photo subjects in these milky baths sure do look sensational, soft and charming and these types of shoots are perfect for capturing raw beauty. Spa shoots and milk bath shoots are perfect for a number of photography types such as infant shoots, children’s shoots, maternity shoots, before wedding shoots, model shoots and much more and your bathroom is the perfect place to take these remarkable photographs.

Here are a few terrific tips to get the most out of your bathroom when you are using it as a photo booth for a milk bath or spa shoot.

A Bathroom Remodel Could Be Worth It

Of course, the easiest way to get a beautiful bathroom as regular shoot area is by getting it renovated.  Home SPA Select has the best inspirational ideas, products, and accessories for a full bathroom transformation. visit their homepage and catch a few glimpses or tips on the best bathroom styles and designs that are trendy right now and redo your bathroom so you will always have a cozy shoot area.

Beautiful Photos Are All About the Lighting

You can have the best camera in the world but without proper lighting in the bathroom, you will never be able to use it as a photo booth.  If you don’t have good lighting then you need to create the perfect lit room.  You can do this by switching your lightbulb with a white LED bulb, by opening those blinds as wide as you can and by hanging white sheets around the tub so the light will be reflected onto your subject.  If it still isn’t adequate then get a couple of free standing lamps in the bathroom for your shoot.

Whites Are Always Impressive On Bathroom Shoots

White is a terrific color for the bathroom.  The room looks bigger, photo subjects look brighter and when you use lots of white linen in your shoots you immediately recreate that clean and professional look.

Use Accented Props

One of the biggest reasons spa and milk bath shoots are so remarkable is that your focus is immediately drawn to a bright accent in the room such as flowers in the white tub, a beautiful green plant on the shelve or bright towels.  Create your bathroom neutral and add a few accents such as bright flowers, leaves and potted plants to your bathroom in a specific color scheme.  You will be surprised at how much more interesting your photos become when you accent specific colors and items surrounding the photo subject.

Throw In the Towel

By this we don’t mean give up.  If your tub isn’t white then you will have a hard time at creating a milk bath look but you can overcome this by simply adding a white towel to the bottom of your milk bath.  Crop your photo out and you will instantly get that charming crisp white bath vibe.… Read the rest

How To Choose The Right Hair Straightener for A Photoshoot

When it comes to hair straighteners, the right product makes all the difference. When it comes to a photoshoot, it all depends on what you are looking to achieve. Are you looking for smooth glossy hair or curly hair? Those are some of the questions that you should look at when looking for a hair straightener for a photoshoot. As much as most hair straighteners are multi-purpose, there are those that are not. There are those that will only straighten but not curl, those that will curl but not straighten and those that can do both. Good thing is that there is a variety of straighteners in the market and hence one can easily get what they are looking for. Some of the factors that you should keep in mind include:

Type of hair

There are straighteners that are specifically meant for a certain type of hair and there are those that are multipurpose. Apart from fine and kinky hair, it also depends on whether your hair is thin or has volume. For example, for thin hair you will need a straightener with multiple settings to have more control on the heat. Since you will have the straightener long-term and your hair may change from time, it is better to just go for a straightener with multiple settings so that you can adjust accordingly. If you get thick hair and your straightener has a low heat setting it might not be able to do the job well.

Plate of the straightener

Different straighteners have different kinds of plates to suit different requirements. Most straighteners will either have ceramic plates or tourmaline plates. Ceramic plates are great for reducing frizz and smoothening out hair. Ceramic plates are best suitable for thin fine hair. There are also Titanium plates that heat up quickly and are able to maintain consistent heat. They are most suitable for thick coarse hair.


As mentioned before, there are straighteners that are multipurpose and those that can only do one function. It all depends on your individual needs and preference. There are many more things that you can do with a flat iron other than straightening and curling. You can also do waves, add body, twist and do much more. This is an important factor to consider.


As much as it may not be considered as a primary factor, it is an important consideration to make. Straighteners will have different price tags depending on the features, quality build and brand among many other factors. In some cases, you may have to go for low key brands to get great features but at a cheaper price. In some cases, you may have to do a second hand if you are really on a budget. Good thing is that most stores have a sale once in a while and you can keep checking and be a beneficiary of the sale.

Basically, getting the best hair straightener is that easy. There are many great sites that are worth checking such as the rest

Top Ideas to Create A Travel Inspired Photobooth

Photo booths are all the rage in the modern era. Everyone is scrambling to make their pictures insta-worthy. A photobooth spices things up and makes your pictures more funky and fun. Photobooths contain several different props and frames that you can use to make your pictures more interesting. For photographers at events, they are a great way to make folks pose better. They add a fun, creative side to your pictures.

Now, whether you are hosting a party for friends who just got back from traveling or are a traveling agent company, a travel-inspired photobooth will essentially help amp up the excitement.

So, if you’re clueless on how to make an awesome travel inspired photo booth, you can follow these ideas:

Travel Props:

You can set up a wide variety of props inspired by traveling. These could include compasses, maps, airplanes, and even trains. You can try targeting the most traveled countries or places such as Australia or Hawaii. These props could be centered on these countries. Or if your friends got back from a specific place, you can add some props related to that. A good example is a flower garland for Hawaii, a cowboy hat for Texas, a Japanese fan for Japan or a turban for the Middle East. In fact, you can even add some flag-inspired props in there as well.

You can try making or buying custom frames that are travel inspired as well. These can include the front side of a car where the windshield is cut out so it seems like the user is driving off to different destinations.


One of the most important things when putting together a photo booth is the background. You need to ensure that the background is perfect as your pictures will look only as good as the background. For this purpose, you can try adding a huge flag of the country your friends visited or a map that shows the world as a travel-inspired background. You can also try printing out some popular destinations from that country on a cloth and then hanging that around as a prop. Another idea is to print out their photos of their travels and then pin them at the back!

Or you could go with a traditional white or green background and then add in the background through Photoshop. However, that is no fun and will only increase your work!

Custom Push Pin Maps:

Or you can try ditching the background completely. You can try creating a custom map which details all of their travels and which locations they had fun on. This idea is also great for travel agency companies that want to list all the locations they order their services in. You can pin down all the locations where your agents are located and then pin down everywhere you provide your services. This will help customers learn more about your business in an easy effective way! Plus, they’ll have a killer photo!

These custom maps can be found on online stores such as The Modern Map Art. This website provides you with multiple options to create your own map. They also feature push pin maps which can help you remember all the places you have been to. This can help you track down your favorite destinations. You can even color-code the pins to indicate how well you liked the place or even if it is a destination you are looking forward to visiting. You can order push pin maps from

Of course, you can customize it to a color of your choice and can even change the font. You can put it up as a background and can even gift it to your friends later!… Read the rest

Some Office Tasks a Photographer Should Never Miss!

Photography is no different from other businesses when it comes to admin duties. A duty of a photographer doesn’t end with a click of a button on his camera. It brings a lot more with it. Everyone can push that button and capture a picture, yet everyone is not a photographer. Why? Because of those extra things coming along that everybody cannot do.

When you have just set up an office, you need to know the thing that can make you striking in this competitive world. Once you have created a good picture, its time to pay attention to other office tasks. What are those tasks? Read on to get to know:


Schedule your office time:

Set a schedule and stick to it. Do not allow any kind of disruption during that time. That time should be dedicated to your work only. This is a key to a successful business that requires time and effort. The other thing you should do is to categorize your tasks and assign a different category to each day. You’d be running in proper order this way. Do not leave any room for excuses. Get a day or two off. It is your office and you can decide your holidays. Rest is also important.

Line up your social media posts:

A photographer overlooking social media doesn’t make sense. This is the top marketing means. Stay regular and active on social media. Set a time for social media posts every day. Don’t let the audience forget that you exist. Keep track of the schedule strictly.

Make ads and graphics:

There are applications that can help you create ads and graphics. Canvas is one of these apps. Through this app, you can create new ads for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You ads speak a lot about your work and you have to keep up with it.


Blogging plays its role when a potential customer is looking for you. You can only appear on google if you have a blog that says nice things about you. Do it in a creative way.

Keep your accounts managed:

It sounds boring for a photographer, but you have to do this. You cannot just keep piling up your accounting work. Untouched accounting work becomes more stressful with every passing day. Furthermore, beware of any kind of theft or risk if you are keeping your cash in the office or even at home. Anything can happen, anywhere, anytime. However, you can lower the risk by taking precautionary measures. Get yourself a fireproof safe to keep important documents, your checkbooks, and cash.

There is a motley collection of fireproof safes. Every manufacturer offers different features in his product. You can keep one in your closet or there is also an option of mounting it on the wall. If the usage of safe is frequent, you should go for a wall safe. Manufacturers are plenty and getting to come across the best one is easier said than done. However, we have come up with Protex Fire Resistant Electronic Wall Safe as it is one of the best in the market.

Protex safe review says it all. Some of its amazing features include digital lock system and thief-resistant model. Though it is mounted on the wall it is not easy to find for the one who doesn’t know it exists. It can easily ditch a thief. No fire can melt its sturdy steel and all your belongings are safe until they are in Protex safe. This is a great investment for the protection of your stuff.… Read the rest

How to Take Amazing Photos of Special Events

Do you realize that photographing some events can be quite a challenge? There are a lot of people who are moving around all the time. You need to make sure that you will time your snaps perfectly or you will miss that moment forever. There are some things that will make things easier for you like taking photography lessons in the past, being aware of your surroundings, and making sure that the other guests will not be disturbed.

It can always help if the place where the event is going to take place already looks good. You will know immediately upon seeing the place if it would be easy to take amazing photos or not. If the place is just so-so, you can look for spots that will look amazing in pictures. For example, you might see a unique-looking indoor chair. This can be the spot wherein a lot of guests would love to sit and hang-out. Take pictures of the area because it will make a lot of difference that way.

There are other tips that you have to remember so that your photos will turn out better. Just one tip to remember: You have to make sure that you will dress up properly for the event. You need to be one with the crowd so they will not feel awkward towards you. You do not need to upstage those who are in the event but you need to make an effort to look professional.

These are the other tips that you should know:

  • Prepare for the event days before. You need to check the venue so that you will know which spots to focus on even before you get there. You also have to know different details about the event. The more that you know, the more that you can think of an effective concept for your needs.
  • Take a look at your gear. Do you have the right gear to take the amazing photographs that you are expected to deliver? There is a lot of equipment available that can further enhance the photos that you take. For example, what if the event would be in a large hall? Special lenses will be required to ensure that you will take the photos that are expected of you.
  • You should know when you should use flash. You know that natural lighting will look good in photos but you also know that there are moments when a little bit of flash can be great. There may be settings wherein low-light is expected. Your knowledge can play a huge role on your decision.
  • Set your camera in RAW image format. A lot of photos are in JPEG but if you want truly nice photos, the ones in RAW format can look great. You would like to get high-quality photos that can last for a long time, right? One thing to remember when you do this: have enough space and bring enough memory cards. RAW images can take up a lot of space. You need to be prepared.

Do you think that you are ready to take great photos? Do not forget that having a photobooth during the event can also be a great way to get to know the various guests of the event too.… Read the rest