Why Photography is Crucial in Modern Marketing

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Visual communication is a very important factor in marketing, whether you intend to use the photos on banners, or via internet and social media marketing. By visual communication we mean using photographs or images to convey messages. This is what makes photography a very important aspect in marketing. People can relate better to things that they can see unlike those that they can’t. in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why photography is crucial in modern marketing.

Gets attention

There is so much information that it shared online, getting the attention of people can be quite a challenge. Visual elements increase the chances of people reading your content by up to 80% since they relate more with it.

Speeds processing

The human brain processes information much faster when there is a photograph, and this makes it a good marketing option.

Improves nonverbal communication

When visual elements are combined with well written text, they tend to capture the imaginations of the audience, making them the perfect non-verbal marketing tool, being that 93% of all human communication being non-verbal.

Adds viral options

Visual content has the advantage of going viral when the audience like it, since they can share it in their social networks and online communities. This helps in building brand credibility, corporate integrity, and customer loyalty.

Improves understanding

By using photographs that show what your brand is about, it helps the target audience better understand what you’re about and also brings about appreciation. This makes photography dynamic, emotional, and timeless.

Influences emotion

There are many consumers that don’t make rational decisions when making purchases, and photographs can help tap into this niche of consumers. Captivating photographs can easily influence such consumers into purchasing your products or services even when they hadn’t planned for it.

Mission Real Estate with Realtor® Bob McLean

One of the businesses that can benefit from photography greatly is real estate. People can actually see the properties that are on the market, making it easier for them to decide what to buy. Real estate also requires one to go for the best by dealing with the professionals in the field, the reason why we will be looking at realtor Bob McLean, a professional that deals with properties in Mission, British Colombia, buying and selling them. Mission is a fast growing community that is located minutes from the U.S. border and barely an hour’s drive from Vancouver. Starting his real estate career in 2003, Bob has helped hundreds of people buy and sell properties. He knows the Mission real estate market like the back of his hand and even offers free online home evaluation. This is the guy to call if you’re looking to buy or sell a property in Mission.


Photography marketing can take your business to the next level by attracting prospective clients. For those looking at the photographs, don’t just click on them without being sure. Check out the brand and make sure it is one you can trust. Bob McLean is such a brand, one that you would want to work with.… Read the rest

Reasons to Have a Photobooth at Your Event

You are going to go through a special event in your life and you would like to make it special not only for you but also for your guests. You can make the event something that guests will find hard to forget if you are going to have a local photo booth. You can check out different companies that offer local photobooths.

There are also some people who are thinking about finding the right job before their event takes place so that they will have enough money to spend. If this is the case, you can improve your ability to find a job by searching for resume services NYC. There are a lot of people who will provide resumes that will help you get your dream job at the soonest possible time. Once you have enough money for your event, you can start planning whether you are going to push through with the photobooth or not.

Choosing the right company that you will hire can be complicated. You can always check out the reviews beforehand. Has the company received a lot of great reviews? Has the company received negative reviews? What are the reasons that people have given for giving negative reviews. You can consider if these things are important to you or not.

These are some of the reasons to consider:

  1. You can allow your guests to capture special moments without the need for a photographer. Photobooths can be manned easily by people. There are a lot of candid moments that can be captured by your hired photographer but the photobooth will allow people to get their own moments whenever your guests would like to.
  2. This will give you an opportunity to provide the right props that will make your guests have fun. Events are always a great chance for people to talk with each other and just have fun but the photobooth can be a side activity that people will love a lot.
  3. The right photobooth can encourage people to just laugh and remember your event more fondly. It does not matter whether your event is a wedding, a birthday party, a debut, or so much more. The right photobooth will allow your guests to be in one place and just turn wacky. It will allow your guests to let loose and forget about the things that are causing them to feel stressed.
  4. Having the right photobooth will allow people to build amazing memories without trying too hard. When your family members remember your event, they will think about the photobooth and the various props that were available at the booth.

It will be hard to find the right company that can provide the photobooth that you need. You can always research online. The happier the past clients are with the photobooth, the better that you will begin to feel about hiring the company for your photobooth needs. Take note that some companies specialize in photobooths depending on the event. If you are going to go through a wedding, then find a company that specializes in providing wedding photobooths.… Read the rest

Choosing The Best Fishing Reel

Whether it is fishing for fun or leisure, we all want a good experience. One of the things that can make one have a good experience is having the right tools and that includes a fishing reel. Most of the time people thing having a great line is all that is required but nothing beats a good fishing reel. With the many fishing reels in the market however, it may be overwhelming to choose the right reel. The first step would know what types of fishing reels are in the market in order to find one that best meets your needs. The types of fishing reels in the market include:

Spin cast reels

They are the simplest to use and that is why they are deemed as introductory reels. They are mostly preferred by newbies and kids since they are also lightweight. To use them you only need to press a button and flicker your wrist. They can however only be used by light lines.

Spinning reels

They are the most common type of reels. They come in a wide variety and thus every angler can easily find what is best suitable for them. As compared to the spincast, they are more solid and they give anglers more control. They can be used in different types of fishing especially if you are looking for a medium sized fish.

Baitcasting reels

They are the most advanced in the crew and they are mostly used by experienced anglers. They are Also heavy hence are used for catching big fish and mostly deep sea fishing. They however offer more strength and durability as compared to other kinds of reels. When it comes to accuracy, they are very accurate. Their only downside is that they cannot do a wide range.

Once you know the types of fishing reels available in the market, you can easily choose one that best meets your needs. When it comes to the spinning reel which is the most preferred, the best spinning reel for the money is:

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

If you are looking for value for money, then this is the right reel for you. It has a quality finish that will make you fall in love with it. Its spool is anodized with aluminum which makes it corrosion free. It is also very lightweight and that has been made possible by the hole it has in its handle. The lip of the spool also has a titanium coat which makes it very durable. It has a body made of graphite. If you want to get a good taste of the reel, maybe you can check on its reviews as they will make you head to the store right away.

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

This is also one of the best reels you will find in the market. It comes with 5 ball bearing all made of aluminum. It gives you a lot of convenience thanks to its anti-reverse bearing that it has. It also has a superline spool, line capacity rings and aluminum bail wire that are heavy duty among many other great features.… Read the rest

Firm Up For Your Photoshoot with Any of These Fitness Challenges

Everyone wants to look great on photographs, even more so if it is your big wedding day, couples shoot, maternity shoot or during those first shots with your newborn baby.  Photographs are brilliant for capturing your youthful self and for preserving memories.  Looking great on photographs isn’t quite as easy though.  While your photographer is likely great at editing out most flaws it is still best to pose in a healthy, frim and flab-free body.  Less editing results in much more natural looking photographs and with a great looking body you can truly rock in those cute summer dresses.

Here are the best fitness challenges to consider for firming up your body.

The Couch to 5k Treadmill Program

This program is fantastic for shaking some pounds and for slimming and firming up your legs.  It is also a great program to improve your cardiovascular health and to get you in shape.  The program does exactly what the name states.  It takes you from your usual couch time to a 5k running session in just 6 weeks.  All you need for this superb program is the weekly schedule, a treadmill and your bottle of water and you are all set to go.  Find out more here.

30-Day Plank Challenge

The plank challenge is perfect for firming up your tummy, trimming some love handles, lifting that butt and for shaping your back just a little bit.  This challenge is a no-brainer since it only involves doing some plank but if you ever gave the plank a try then you will know that this is no simple challenge.  You start out at 20sec intervals and increase as you go on with rest times in between.  By day 30 you should be able to master 5 minutes of planking.

30-Day Squat Challenge

If you want that perfect sexy bubble but to compliment your thin waist then you should give the 30-day squat challenge a try.  The program gets you started on 10 squats a day and increases with five squats per day with a rest day every 4th day during which your muscles can heal.  It may sound simple but it is quite hardcore.

30 Day No Sugar Challenge

This challenge is great for reducing cellulite and can help you lose quite a lot of weight. Sugar isn’t healthy for your body at all but this is a very hard habit to break since it is quite addictive.  The first nine days will be insane because this is the time it takes to reset your mind. Sugar cravings might just drive you insane while you are avoiding sugar for a whole month but the good news is that you can still munch on sweet fruits.  Just avoid all sugars in foods, sweets, sweetened drinks and you are all set.

Waist Trainer Challenge

Did you know that you could lose some belly fat by simply wearing a corset?  Waist trainers are great for those who want to get rid of love handles or work on that hourglass shape.  Simply buy a waist trainer and follow a 30-day waist belt challenge which involves gradually increasing the time you spend wearing this belt.  For greater effect, you can also try working out with your waist trainer.  These belts will protect your back and does suppress hunger cravings.… Read the rest

Easy Ways Of Losing Weight

With the current sedentary lifestyles, many people are battling with weight issues. Many people are lost in the plight of making a living until they forget the basics making them have weight issues. As much as weight loss is considered a major problem and many people are struggling with it, it is easy and achievable. All you need are the right strategies and you are set. There are different body types and what works for one may not necessarily work for the other. That is also important to remember. Regardless of your body type, some of the weight loss strategies that you may use include:


Weight is most if the time a reflection of your diet. Food rich in fats and calories have a great impact on weight. If you are keen on losing weight, you need to monitor your calories. Cutting down on the number of calories will prevent you from adding unnecessary weight. Limiting your fat intake will also help you to stay trim thus helping you to lose weight. You should also eat more vegetables and cut down on refined sugars and junk. Refined sugars and junk are full of empty calories which aid in weight addition. Eating whole meal foods is better as it will help you to be full for longer hence reducing the amount of food that you need to take. Proteins also help in weight loss in a way since it helps to be full for long. Drinking a lot of water aids in digestion and drinking water before a meal will help you to be full within a short time. There are supplements such as Glucomannan that will help you in losing weight.


Exercise is a great way of burning calories and that aids in weight loss. Working out also helps in burning fat. It increases the metabolic rate which speeds up the digestive process. Through a committed exercise schedule you should be able to lose weight easily. If there is a certain part of the body that you want to lose weight and not necessarily the whole body, then you will have to get a trainer. Just like anything else, with working out you have to set your goals so that you may know what you want to achieve. Discipline and commitment are key for you to achieve your goals.

Consciousness methods

There are consciousness methods that are believed to aid in weight loss. One of those methods is hypnosis weight loss programs. Hypnosis deals with the subconscious mind hence it makes you more aware of what you are taking in your body and that will help you in weight loss. It also deals with your beliefs and doubts that may interfere with your success. There are also those who believe in yoga and meditation to help in weight loss. It is believed that weight depends on the state of the mind and that fro weight loss to be successful the mind has to be worked on.… Read the rest