Setting up a Simple Photo Booth

Photo Booth Rental

Photo booths are very important when it comes to events like weddings and parties. They provide perfect settings for photoshoots, and the best thing is that the backgrounds can be changed according to the user’s requirements. There are many companies that offer photo booth hire services, and even make the photo booths to the specifications of their clients. There are, however, some instances where you might be required to make your own photo booths. It can be a complicated affair for some, but with the right instructions, it is something that is possible. In this article, we are going to take a look at some tips for setting up a simple photo booth.

The Lights

You need to consider the lighting of the studio. A single studio flash can be used beside the camera to reduce the shadows. The light can bounce off a white umbrella.

The Background

The background can be fabric or paper purchased from a store, and held by a PVC structure. The fabric could also be taped to the wall. It would be safe to work with an area of about 5 feet high and about 8-10 feet wide.

The Triggers

The camera and light need to be synched, which is easy as the light is only one and very close to the camera.

The Camera & Settings

The camera can be set on a tripod, and set to shoot JPEGS, the shutter speed at 1/200, while the aperture set to f/5.0 so as to get larger groups in focus. The aperture can also be set to 125 ISO, and the light to its lowest setting. Ensure the camera is set to all points focus so as to maximize the sharp shots.

The Lens

A 50mm lens will do just fine, although with a larger background, a wider lens can do better. A larger background would require a wider lens, shooting from farther away, or shooting vertically.

The Remote

You will require a remote that will allow guests to control the camera. There are cheap options that can be found online. Alternatively, you can get someone to man the booth.

Setting up a Simple Photo Booth
Setting up a Simple Photo Booth

Best Creator Expert LEGO Sets: Expert LEGO Architecture

One of the best ways of learning to build structures is through Lego. In this article, we are now going to take a look at expert Lego architecture. With Lego, there is a lot to explore, one of the reasons everyone should try and give it a try. We are now going to review expert Lego architecture.

The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera house is known as one of the greatest architectural today, and has won many prizes this set comes with an almost reasonable number of pieces, 2989. The pieces include rare tan LEGO bricks, and can also make the curves of the opera house roof perfectly. It is set on a 48×48 base plate in blue to emulate the water surrounding the Opera House. It takes at least ten hours to build, costing an average of $500.

Tower Bridge

This is a bridge with two towers on it, and can lift its parts to let ships through, spanning the river Thames, in London. The Lego set has 4295 pieces that include the towers, drawbridge, and the road.

Big Ben

This Lego set comes with 4163 pieces that feature all the fine architectural details of the Big Ben. It includes a piece of Westminster Palace, Elizabeth Tower itself, and the clock dials, with movable hands. It also comes with surrounding scenery, the bell, and a removable top of the tower that allows people to see inside.


Building can be great fun, which ca in turn lead to a profession. This fun can be found in the Lego architecture that we have just reviewed above. It gives way to creativity, which can even be used in making of photo booths.