Sports Photography Tips

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Sports and fitness are a part of our society are the norm as people strive to remain healthy and active. They come with their advantages that could include losing weight, improving cardio health, and many other things. Being that there is such a huge interest in sports and fitness, it is only normal that sports photography is also on the rise. In this article we are going to take a look at some sports photography tips.

Use a lens or zoom range that is at least 200mm

Not everyone likes zooming in since it doesn’t always give the best images, and that is why one should get a lens or zoom range that is at least 200mm.

Don’t use full automatic mode

The automatic mode or a pre-mode labelled “sports” or “action”, should be avoided, the semi-manual mode more favorable for sports photography.

Use a fast shutter speed

Being that there will be movements during the sporting event, one would definitely want to capture them. That is where a camera with a fast shutter speed comes in, preferably a shutter speed of at 1/500th of a second, and not below 1/500th of a second.

Sports Photography Tips
Sports Photography Tips

Home Exercise Equipment

Sports and exercise go hand in hand since they are a way of keeping our bodies healthy and in good shape. There are many types of sports that offer different fitness levels, and also cater for different preferences amongst the athletes. This includes sports like soccer, baseball, gymnastics, and many more. Exercises are also varied depending on fitness level, interests, resources, and many other things. They also vary depending on the part of the body that one intends to work out. In this section of the article, we are going to take a look at some home exercise equipment that includes exercise equipment for legs and abs.

Exercise Bike

​This is a stationary bike that can be used in the house, working just like a regular bike. The cycling movements give users intense cardio workout. Most models coming with adjustable resistance settings. This is a low impact cardio machine.

Elliptical Trainer

​Elliptical trainers are also referred to as cross trainers. They are suitable for low impact workouts, simulating the climbing of stairs, and working best when people avoid using handrails. The right momentum is required for the best experience, and comes with varied levels of resistance. The peddling can be done both ways.


​This is a stationary device that involves walking or running on a smooth surface, and it is probably the most popular of the equipment.

Rowing Machine

​Working like a rowboat, this rowing machine requires the right posture and alignment in order to prevent injury. This rowing machine works on the abs and is also great for cardio. It requires people that are a little more confident in their strength and technique. It works best for people suffering from back injuries when used correctly.


Sports and fitness come with numerous advantages for our health and bodies. It is important for everyone to at least take part in some sort of sport or fitness program. The home exercise equipment listed above are some great ways to kick off.