Tips for Choosing a Photo Booth for Your Event

Photo Booth Rental

If you were holding an event for your company, you would want them to take something memorable with them, something that would be a constant reminder of the event. There are many ways to do this and one of them is by taking memorable photographs, and what better way than to do this in a photo booth. That is the reason we will now try and figure out some tips for choosing the right photo booth for your event.

Location is Everything

Keeping the location in mind means that booking the event with the photo booth in mind. It should have enough space to accommodate the size of the booth, most of them being around 3m x 3m.

The Type of Photo Booth

Thanks to technology, there is a wide variety of photo booths that one can choose from. These booths can be inflatable, retro styled, curved enclosed booths, mini photo booth pod’s and selfie pod’s.

Choosing the Photo Booth Backdrop

The backdrop of the photo booth is very important when deciding where to set up the photo booth. You could opt for a custom background, an open air backdrop with the view in the background, or an enclosed booth.

Tips for Choosing a Photo Booth for Your Event
Tips for Choosing a Photo Booth for Your Event

Standing or Sitting

Depending on the space and place where the photo booth is set up, you need to consider whether the guests will be sitting or standing. You need to ensure that the transition is smooth between the pictures. The guests could also have the option of both.

Hard Copies or Digital

You’ll need to consider what the clients want, or what is more convenient to them, hard or soft copies. Printouts could cause a lot of paper and ink wastage, as well as take longer to process. This makes digital photo booths more convenient, where after they can be emailed to the clients.

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Location is everything for your business, whether it is more clients and business you’re after, or whether it is for your own convenience. In the same pace, the location of a photo booth is also very important if it is to have the desired effect on the clients. Following the tips above should get you the best booth location for your shoot.