Tips for Taking Incredible Photos of Your Cat!

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When your four-legged companion is playing around and you want to save the cute action he is showing, that one thing you can do is take out your phone and capture that moment instantly. Some folks just love capturing photos of their pets.

However, it can be a challenging job. You would always find a cat moving that makes the shot blur. In that case, you just need to follow some tips, and you get a picture perfect. What are those tips? Read on to know!

Tips for Taking Incredible Photos of Your Cat!
Tips for Taking Incredible Photos of Your Cat!

Choose not-so-busy background:

The background should be simple as the focal point should only be the cat. In the picture with a busy background, the main object gets lost somewhere. The background starts drawing attention. The good picture is the one where your cat stands out more.

If the favorite place of your cat is the one with the rushy background, try to move the sitting place where it can be the focus. Portrait photos are the best when you are not able to change the background as they blur the background.

Lighting matters:

Soft and natural lights are ideal. If you are taking the picture indoor, choose the area with a large window. There is nothing better than natural light. There is a myth that the best photos are made in sunlight. It is not always true. Sun often makes the background way too bright. In such kind of photos, main focus loses the essence.

Evening times are the best when the sun is low. Overcast days work better than anything. Do not use a flashlight as it can cause red-eye. It might also be uncomfortable for your cat.

Choose the comfortable setting:

Cats do not find just any place a comfortable place where they can sit in peace. You are supposed to create such settings for them. The thing that is gaining popularity these days is cat tree. Cat trees provide a very comfy place for cats to relax and play. It would even look good in pictures. Furthermore, you would find your cat in still position so you can take a beautiful shot. Not only this, the tree is the place where your cat can play, claw, scratch, eat, and sleep.

When going to buy a tree for your cat, remember that all the available trees on market do not worth your investment. It has to be sturdy one that can stand all the actions of your cat. Look for the cat trees for large cats. They are basically for large cats and you might not need one for baby cats.

The things you must take into account are the quality of the material it is made of, build quality, cat weight (or how many cats would use the tree at the same time), space and storage, and size of the cat tree. Must go through the reviews of some top trees before making the purchase decision.

Create a calm atmosphere:

Remove the distracting objects from around. The thing that can relax your feline is soft classical music during a photo shoot. You can also use synthetic feline facial pheromone products to bring some relaxation in cats.

Get down on your pet’s level.

Get aligned with the position of your cat. You should be in a position where you look up to your cats while snapping. Your cat sitting on the floor and you standing with the camera is not a picture requires. Make a strong noise to get your cat looking at you or use food or toys to get his attention