Tips to Take the Perfect Motorcycle Photo

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Every bike lover has an attachment to their bike and would definitely love to take the best photos of it. some think that they have to be professional photographers in order to do so, while others think that they need to have technical motorcycle knowledge in order for them to take the best shots. In this article, we are going to take a look at some tips to take the perfect motorcycle photo.

Get close

Before you take the shot, you need to know where and against what you would like to photograph your motorcycle. It could be a sunset, beach, or even highway.


One needs to accentuate the image, taking advantage of things like bad weather, puddles, rain, and other conditions to accentuate the image. They can create a mood around the photograph and even shoot in black and white mode.


One of the most important things to consider in motorcycle photography is the background, which will determine the location. Would you like a dusty city or the country? There are numerous backgrounds that people can opt for.


When there is movement, one would want to focus the image on the bike and the rider. The shot could even be taken from the moving bike, showing the tank and road ahead. Wide angles work best for these kind of shots.


Every photography enthusiast knows the importance of lighting. It could take patience waiting for the right lighting to come by.


One can create a narrative using the things that are around the image, such as the buildings people, roads, and trees.

Tips to Take the Perfect Motorcycle Photo
Tips to Take the Perfect Motorcycle Photo

Motorcycle photography tips

  • Have fun
  • Watch for cluttered backgrounds
  • Shoot details
  • Try to create a narrative
  • Get a high vantage point
  • Try panning to give a sense of speed
  • Shoot in black-and-white/mono mode
  • Avoid getting yourself in the shot by zooming in
  • Mount a camera on your bike
  • Shoot from low and high angles, not just standing

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Still focusing on motorcycle enthusiasts, before one considers buying a motorcycle, they need to gather as much information on the bike as possible. This is because some of them can be pretty costly to purchase and maintain, while others could be limited editions that probably don’t have spare parts. There are many ways to get information regarding motorcycles, and this could include talking to current owners of the bikes, visiting stores and manufacturer sites, television, and many others. One of the most effective ways of getting current information on bikes is through reviews. Reviews are usually posted by review websites and by users that have experience with the bikes.

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Being a bike lover, it would only be natural that you would want to get the latest information on bikes, purchase a bike of your choice, and even photograph it. The information above is aimed at guiding you in the right direction.