Ways to Leverage Your Photo and Videography Skills to Make Money

Photo Booth Rental

Photography and videography sure are fun hobbies.  It is great fun to take good photographs of the world and of people.  But this hobby doesn’t come cheap. Proper photography is quite expensive.  A good camera alone costs quite a lot and on top of that, you have plenty of other stuff that is needed such as a booth, backdrops, photo props and more.  Proper photography software and a laptop also cost quite a lot.

If you want to continue enjoying this hobby then you need to start looking into ways to earn money while you are busy working on obtaining your photography license.  There are quite a few different ways to put this type of skill to use for extra earnings and the experience in different fields sure is handy if you are considering turning this hobby into a career.

Ways to Leverage Your Photo and Videography Skills to Make Money
Ways to Leverage Your Photo and Videography Skills to Make Money

Here are a few great ways to make money from photography and videography.

Create Online Tutoring Videos

A good way to earn money on the sideline with your hobby is by creating online tutoring videos.  You can sell these videos to students or anyone that might be struggling with a specific topic.  And if you are not too great at making tutorial videos just yet or with teaching then it might be time for you to consider online tutoring.  Online tutoring sites allow you to provide virtual classes to others that might be interested in learning photography or a different language.  The tutoring jobs will pay you quite a lot and you will be increasing your tutoring skills so you can make better tutoring videos.


Photo shoots in a booth such as newborn shoots, birthday shoots and more are always a handy way to boost your photography skills and to make some money on the sideline.  If you have good photography skills then photo shoots could be an excellent way to start a small business.

Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is becoming more popular.  It gives couples a way to capture their special day in the most vivid way possible.  If you have the right video gear then you can certainly consider this type of method to earn some extra money. 

Newborn Photography

There is always a demand for newborn photography in any given area.  Parents are only able to capture the newborn stage during the first month after birth.  If you are good with children then it might be time for you to provide mobile newborn photography services so you can help parents capture these beautiful times in the comfort of their homes.

Sell Stock Photographs Online

Graphic designers and businesses are always looking for great photographs for online and advertising content.  There are lots of websites where you can sell photographs online.  Grab your camera and take beautiful shots all around you and off all sorts of objects such as coffee cups, scenery, books and more and you could earn a small fortune from these simple images.

Business Photography

Businesses frequently hire photographers to capture the essence of their company. They use these images for online advertising, brochures, websites and more.  Become a business photographer and advertise your skills in local markets.